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The Library's online resources such as databases, e-books and e-journals are covered by licences which specify the conditions under which the licensed material can be used. To access these resources, you must agree to these conditions.

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Unauthorised access to Curtin ICT facilities and services and/or misuse of these facilities and services may result in penalties under Commonwealth of Australia legislation, Western Australian State legislation, and Curtin University policies and procedures.

Curtin University of Technology students, staff and University Associates are authorised to access and use its Information and Communication Technology (ICT) facilities and services in ways that are consistent with the teaching, learning, research, University-based consultancy, and administrative objectives of the University and with the University's Guiding Ethical Principles.

All persons attempting to use this service must familiarise themselves with University ICT policies and procedures at

Note that most ICT and internet activity is logged and could be monitored.